Alain Afflelou Optician delivers quality Optometric Examination. You will get advice on how you can benefit from contact lenses and correct lenses incorporated with the latest technology and functionality to your eyewear. You will also have a  fantastic choice from designer and our own Afflelou branded frames, to suit all budgets with more than 1000 styles and colours.

They are on a mission to change the perception of eyeglasses. A pair of glasses is, according to them, an accessory that enhances your style, just like a piece of jewellery or a handbag. Eyewear is a way to personalise you.

Alain Afflelou Acoustician, offers free hearing screening, full diagnosis services and a wide range of affordable ultra discreet and visually appealing, digital hearing aids which are designed to meet every level of hearing loss.  We also offer tinnitus care and other specialised hearing protection products designed for use in specific environments where noise-related hearing loss is a potential risk. 

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