Past Event

Golden Ticket Terms and Conditions

  • 29 Mar — 30 Apr 2021


Find the Golden Ticket with Phoenix Mall and Courts Mammouth

Here are the steps you need to follow: 



Game conditions 


1.    Like the pages of Phoenix Mall & Courts Mammouth
2.    Like this post 
3.    Reshare the post & Tag 2, people 
4.    Find the golden ticket hidden on Courts’ website & screenshot and send us in private message
5.    Find the golden ticket hidden on Phoenix Mall’s website & screenshot and send us in private message
6.    [Once lockdown is over], find the last golden ticket hidden in Court Mammouth’s shop at Phoenix Mall, take a photo and send it to us in private message on Facebook – hints about where to find the last golden ticket will be communicated on social media, check out our Instagram page


Terms & Conditions 


1. As from the 29th March 2021, participate in our giveaway by following the instructions stated on our Facebook page and website. 
2. The prize is a Smart TV Hitachi 50” 4K sponsored by Courts Mammouth. 
3. The Prize will neither be exchanged for monetary value or any other product, nor taken back. 
4. The Prize will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis to the person who finds and takes a picture of the last golden ticket hidden in Courts Mammouth’s shop, provided all other steps mentioned in the instruction are fulfilled. 
5. Phoenix Mall reserves the right to use the winners' photos, videos, and contact information for communication purposes. 
6. Phoenix Mall & Courts Mammouth’s employees and staffs from Phoenix Mall outlets are not allowed to participate. 
7. For further details, please call  697 6208. 
8. The prize will be awarded to the winner only on the presentation of identity card. The winner must acknowledge receipt of the prize.
9. The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page.